Machine Learning and AI

Data has the power to transform the way the world works, connecting people, information, objects and ideas in real-time to improve efficiencies, eliminate waste and create new value. We leverage the latest published science to deliver on the promise of truly smart systems.

Software Development

We build products and solutions for the internet. Since 2005, we continue to be leaders in leveraging cutting edge data solutions to generate insight and solve problems. We target the server, Android, iOS and HTML5. We design and develop software that other people love to use.

Financial Engineering

Any endeavour carries some element of risk. We build detailed financial models to assess cost and potential benefits with a focus on proving in a system in the small, and scaling it out to the large. We describe this philosophy as the process of taking a toothpick and turning it into a lumberyard.

Innovation Consulting

True innovation involves risk. In the abstract, most work involves using the same set of known solutions to solve problems again and again. Our approach to delivering value is based around the philosophy of design thinking. We define this as looking at the locally unique aspects of any given problem and leveraging these often subtle features in the pursuit of delivering an optimal solution.

Project Management

Technology projects are by nature, complex. We know what makes projects tick; it's that mixture of knowledge and skill that leads to success. We execute projects with lightweight processes, clarity of goals and streamlined responsibility. We know what to do to achieve success.

Robotics & 3D Software

The last 5 years has brought great advances in computer vision, creating a potentially enormous category of practical applications for software in other industries. We help companies engineer their processes to take advantages of these advances with minimal cost in comparison to the productivity improvements gained through process automation.